Our Team

Morgan Cates - COO/Partnerships

Morgan is passionate about people, education, and business. Originally from Florida, she started her professional career as a teacher here in Durham. She worked as an autism teacher, specialist, and later as a special education coordinator. Through teaching, she interacted with non-profits that provided services to the students. She became interested in non-profits and went back to school for non-profit business management. During her studies, she learned about B Corps (For Benefit Corporations) and fell in love with the idea of businesses serving people and society as their main purpose.

Annie O'Hara - Director of Admissions

A fervent believer in education’s ability to transform people’s lives, Annie is enthusiastic about helping students achieve their educational and vocational goals. Her experience pre-Project Shift ranges from teaching kindergarteners in rural Thailand to counseling Executive MBA applicants at Cornell University. Annie’s academic background is in Communication, and she began her career as a Marketing Manager for a tutoring company in Boston. Having also worked in the field of educational access, she operates with a lens of equity and inclusion. Outside of work, Annie enjoys traveling on a shoestring, experimenting with watercolor, and appraising the barbecue selection in North Carolina.

Sean Doherty - Founder/Instructor

Sean comes from a long line of teachers and is passionate about being a part of raising the quality of software education. Drawing from his experience teaching at the university level as well as over a decade of experience leading a software team, he seeks to instill the next generation of software developers with the lessons he has learned during his career. Sean has a formal programming education with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science concentrating in Artificial Intelligence from WPI. Sean has been a guest speaker at many conferences such as SXSW and All Things Open.

Aaron Hayslip - Founder/Instructor

After working with several of the world's largest "coding bootcamps" and after starting the first immersive code school in Israel, Aaron set out to do something different with Project Shift in Durham - to create a software education program that puts students before profit. With an atypical programming background in Religious Studies, Aaron believes that anyone can learn to program and become a software engineer, but the few who will do well are those who love to code.