Coding Challenge 2

Introducing The Week 2 Coding Challenge!

For our "Learn to Code with Project Shift Community" we're introducing a weekly coding challenge! Each Tuesday, we'll announce what the challenge is, and on the following Tuesday, we'll post a solution video, along with the names of the winners! If you're not on the email list, you can join here!

As you complete the challenges, you'll be eligible for awesome prizes!

Week 2 Challenge

Create a function that returns the sum of the two lowest positive numbers given an array of minimum 4 positive integers. No floats or non-positive integers will be passed.

For example, when an array is passed like:

[19, 5, 42, 2, 77]

The output should be 7. In another example:

[10, 343445353, 3453445, 3453545353453]

The output should be 3453455

Submitting The Challenge

You may submit your challenge via this form:

Note that the form allows you to submit the challenge in a variety of formats.

Next Tuesday (June 23), we will email you with solutions.