Curriculum designed to turn you into a Software Engineer.

Our curriculum is designed around the "why" of developing software so that you learn the underlying principles of coding, allowing you to learn anything and pick up any technologies upon graduation.

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Build full stack applications in teams and on your own.

We'll simulate real-world environments as you work to build team projects, but we also won't let you hide in a group. Each student will produce an individual capstone project in which they're encouraged to learn new technologies such as machine learning and block-chain.

Schedule of topics

More than half of our graduates land jobs in a language or framework that we didn't teach. Our aim is to make you a software engineer who can easily adapt and pick up new technologies.

Week 1
Programming Foundations
Dive deep into the world of JavaScript to learn about closures, prototypical inheritance and other advanced fundamentals.
Week 2
The DOM and Advanced CSS
Transition to Using JavaScript in the browser to build simple front-end web applications.
Week 3
Utilize JavaScript to begin rquesting data from servers to build more advanced front end applications.
Week 4
MVC with BackboneJS
Utilizing an older JavaScript framework, Backbone, we'll learn the fundamentals of front end design patterns such as MVC.
Week 5
Now that you know how to build front end applications the hard way, we'll introduce the power of React to ehance the type of front end applications you can build.
Week 6
As our applications grow in complexity, we'll realize that we quickly need to introduce more solutions to manage our front end data. During this week you'll learn Redux from scatch and participate in our first group hackathon.
Week 7
TDD (Test Driven Development) and NodeJS
As we transition to the backend, we will learn the fundamentals of creating tested web servers with no frameworks.
Week 8
Database Modeling, Express and MongoDB
At last, we'll complete our full stack training by learning how to efficiently model and store our data on the server.
Week 9
SQL and Retrospective
After having learned a "NoSQL" database (Mongo) we'll dive into the world of SQL before taking some time to review building full stack applications up to this point.
Week 10
Software Engineering Principles
As we continue to build more complex full stack applications together, we'll also take some deep dives into core Computer Science topics such as data-stuctures and algorithms, human-computer interaction and more.
Week 11
Agile Project
Up to this point you will have been trained in Agile development as a preparation for your week-long project in which your entire cohort will act as one engineering team build an application at the instructors' direction from scratch.
Week 12
Individual Capstone
Throughout the program, we'll coach you as you prepare to build your final capstone project. Each student will build a solo full stack project on their own, in which they're encouraged to learn additional technologies such as machine learning and block chain.
Week 13
Demo Week and Technical Interviews
During this week, we have Demo Night, where we invite 100+ members of the tech community to see what you've built. Additionally, our staff will take you through mock technical interviews in preparation for your job search.
Week 1
Career Dev Orientation
We welcome you to PS and set the stage for Career Dev by doing a "resource tour" through our materials so you know where to find information + go over the Career Dev roadmap so you know what to expect and what happens when!
Week 2
Networking Pt. 1
An introduction to "Trust-Based Networking" based on examples from alumni networking successes. This week, you will receive your new personalized Software Engineering business cards.
Week 3
Networking Pt. 2 & LinkedIn
How to leverage & network over LinkedIn and email communications. This includes LinkedIn profile best practices and creating a networking purpose (your "why")
Week 4
Network Planning & Tools (+ Technical Mentors Intro)
What are the best places to network, how and when? You will learn to utilize powerful networking tools such as: networking specific SMART goals, creating network maps, and more. Technical Mentorships starts this week with access to our Mentor slack channel that has over 45 experienced developers that are ready and willing to work with you.
Week 5
Resumes & Cover Letters Pt. 1 (+ Head shots)
Learn the four common resume formats and when/how they should be used (chronological, combination, functional and human voiced).
Week 6
Resumes & Cover Letters Pt. 2 (+ Career Mentorship Intro)
In-depth review of resumes and cover letter templates with examples of relevant real-life resumes and cover letters. This week you will be assigned your very own one-on-one senior level developer mentor that will help guide you through the questions you have surrounding your upcoming job search and goals.
Week 7
SEO for Your Resume
Learn about how Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is used and how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your resume affects your job search.
Week 8
Career Development Focus Days
During this week, we devote at 2 entire days to Career Development. This time is for reviewing the career development resume materials and having your Career Coach review your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile in preparation for Demo Day.
Week 9
Technical & Professional Interviews
Learn what what to expect, how to plan, and what to prepare for as it realtes to interviews after Project Shift.
Week 10
Job Search Tool Kit
How you should approach contract-to-hire work, understand & leverage your recruiter relationship, and how to tackle salary negotiations.
Week 11
The Job Search Plan
Learn step-by-step how to get a connection at any company and land a job quickly after graduation. We will use actual examples for case studies.
Week 12
Indiviudal Capstone
No Career Development this week. You'll be too busy coding your final projects.
Week 13
Demo Day
No Career Development during this time as you are prepping and participating in the big demo event! This is the place that you will combine all the Career Dev lessons as you get the chance to network, use your business cards and hand out your resume to interested company reps.
Week 14
Mock Tech Interviews & EOPC
This is the week you have a mock technical interview and feedback session to prep you for one in the real world when interviewing for dev roles. The End of Program Check-in (EOPC) is a meeting we hold with PS students and staff to go over a checklist of items to see where you stand for graduation. If you meet all the requirements, you receive your Full Stack Software Engineer certificate.
Week 15
Post Program Events
These final programming weeks we have intro meetings scheduled with recruiters and company partners. We generally do a company tour and offer job shadowing opportunities with a local developer. You also switch over into our Alumni Slack Channel and have access to to alumni.
Week 16
Career Coach Sessions Begin
Once you meet the requirements and are officially graduated, we work with you to set-up Career Coach sessions. These sessions happen once a week and build on the materials/resources covered in Career Development during the program. You will set up a schedule and organized system with the job search software that helps you tackle, applications, networking, and continued work around programming.

No one left behind

Our program is designed around personal touch-points, whether we're in-person (or in the case of COVID-19), online.

1:6 Instructor Ratio

With just 12 students accepted to each program and 2 full-time instructors + TA's, there's always someone around to help.

Daily Office Hours

You'll always have an instructor in the classroom, but for extra 1 on 1 tutoring, you can book daily, private office hours.

1 on 1 Mentors

Each student is assigned to a 1 on 1 local senior level developers who is there to meet with you regularly and act as your guide.

Community Mentors

There's an entire Slack workspace exclusively available to the current cohort of students full of local senior developers there to help.

Career Coaches

As soon as you graduate, you'll be assigned to a career coach whom you'll meet with weekly 1 on 1 as you job search.

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