Coding Challenge 1

Introducing The Weekly Coding Challenge!

For our "Learn to Code with Project Shift Community" (which you should join, here!) we'll be introducing a weekly "JavaScript" coding challenge! Each Tuesday, we'll announce what the challenge is, and on the following Tuesday, we'll post a solution video, along with the names of the winners!

As you complete the challenges, you'll be eligible for awesome prizes!

Week 1 Challenge

Step 1: Create a function called `encode()` to replace all the lowercase vowels in a given string with numbers according to the following pattern:

a -> 1
e -> 2
i -> 3
o -> 4
u -> 5

Step 2: Now create a function called `decode()` to turn the numbers back into vowels according to the same pattern shown above.

For example, `decode("h3 th2r2")` would return "hi there".

For the sake of simplicity, you can assume that any numbers passed into the function will correspond to vowels.

Submitting The Challenge

You may submit your challenge via this form:

Note that the form allows you to submit the challenge in a variety of formats.

Next Tuesday (June 16), we will email you with a solution video and update this blog post with the video.